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Now taking bookings to test drive the new Abarth 500E

PMS in Haverfordwest now taking bookings to test drive the new Abarth 500E

Excitement buzzes in the air at PMS Cars in Haverfordwest, as we announce the much-anticipated arrival of the dynamic new Abarth 500E. We are thrilled to inform you that we are now taking bookings for this electrifying model that's primed to redefine your driving experience. The Fiat/Abarth sales team is eagerly waiting on the other end of 01437 762112, ready to assist you with your booking, queries, and any information you need about this electrifying vehicle.

The Abarth 500E perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Abarth – delivering excellent performance while reflecting the increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly vehicles.

This electrifying model comes in two versions, each promising an adrenaline-infused driving experience: the Abarth 500e and the Abarth 500e Turismo. Both born to cater to your craving for thrill, these versions are designed to take your driving experience to a whole new level of excitement. Whether you're seeking the streamlined efficiency of the Abarth 500e or the enhanced performance and comfort of the Abarth 500e Turismo, we have you covered.

The Abarth 500E offers more than just electrifying speed and performance; it is the embodiment of emotion and high technology blending seamlessly to transform energy into a captivating driving experience. Underneath its stylish and compact body, the Abarth 500E hides a heart full of power and a soul bursting with enthusiasm. It brings the adrenaline of the racetrack straight to your daily commute, promising an electrifying journey every time you get behind the wheel.

Moreover, the new Abarth range embodies a promise of sustainability turned into performance. Embrace the future with a car that doesn't compromise on thrill, while helping you make a positive contribution to the environment. The Abarth 500E proves that the synergy of high performance and sustainable driving is not only possible but also incredibly exciting.

Choosing your favourite version of the Abarth 500E is all it takes to ignite your journey. Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-charged experience as you discover the thrill of a Scorpion that turns energy into emotions, high technology into adrenaline, and sustainability into performance.

At PMS Cars in Haverfordwest, we share your passion for exceptional driving experiences and are ready to assist you in your journey towards electrifying performance. Call our dedicated Fiat/Abarth sales team today on 01437 762112 and book your experience with the new Abarth 500E. Get ready to ride the wave of adrenaline with us – you won't be disappointed!

Call our Abarth sales team now on 01437 762112

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