Service and Parts

Despite Jeep vehicles being among the most robust and fearless off-roaders on the market, you’ll still need to make sure your car is being given the love and attention it deserves. Here at PMS, we have your Jeep needs covered. We offer a range of servicing and repair options to ensure your car is kept in excellent condition and performs to the best of its ability.

We pride ourselves on having the largest and most specialised repair centre in West Wales. It comes equipped with a 16 bay computerised workshop to deal with our customers’ servicing requirements. We receive daily deliveries of parts, which we source quickly from suppliers worldwide, and cover a vast range of vehicles and manufacturers. Our servicing speed and efficiency mean you’ll never have to wait for your car any longer than necessary.

Our Service and Parts Distribution Centre is run by our proficient team of manufacturer-trained technicians, who use the latest computer diagnostic equipment to resolve even the most complex of problems. Our team provides a thorough and prompt level of service, and will keep you updated while your car is with us.

Contact us today to discuss maintenance of your vehicle or to arrange for it to be serviced with us. You can call us directly or fill out the general enquires section on our website. PMS puts customer needs first, and guarantees a friendly, cost-effective and efficient service.