Arran is the Fiat Motability Ambassador, with over 7 years experience in the motor industry. From application to delivery Arran will make a smooth transition for both existing Motability customers and new customers to the scheme. Arran has a wide knowledge of adaptations ranging from quick release steering ball to electronic wheel chair hoists. Please take the opportunity of discussing your individual requirements in confidence. Arran can be contacted on 01437 762112. Please contact Arran directly to arrange an appointment which will ensure a completely focused individual customer experience.


Freedom of movement is a luxury that not everyone can enjoy. According to the World Health Organisation, about 500 million people across the world suffer from physical disabilities.

At Fiat, we believe having a disability shouldn’t stop you from choosing a stylish car. So we’ve worked hard to develop equipment that can fitted into our cars to enable easier access and greater comfort for physically disabled drivers and passengers.

We have a wide range of Motability OFFERS starting with NIL advance payment.

Arran, our Fiat Motability specialist will provide a warm welcome.